The Wellness Score

Do you know your Wellness Score?

When we are sick, we know we are sick. But how do we know our true health? Is it simply based on how we feel? Haven’t we come across someone who fell just fine few days ago before their health took a sudden tumble? Like having a stroke, heart attack and cancer. Our health is really not about how we feel. So we analyze various biometric data, such as BP, HR, BMI, Body Fat %, Waist to Hip Ratio, Core Strength & Flexibility Movements, X-ray, Posture Analysis, Blood work and etc to measure your physiology. It gives us better understanding of your overall health. The analysis gives us the Wellness Score, which helps us to track your health and clinical results.

Here is an example our ‘Basic Functional Wellness’ assessment. You can think our Jane Doe as a typical adult female who felt “ok” about her health when she first came in for a quick neck pain fix. Apparently, “feeling good” did NOT tell the true story about her health. We measure your Wellness Score so we can help you improve it!  

Wellness Score

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